18 Şubat 2011 Cuma

beşiktaş need a protein

Dynamo Kiev win brings goals, match 27 Vukojevic minute of the 50th minute, Shevchenko, 57 Yussuf and 90 minutes Gusev'den minute penalty came. Beşiktaş is the only goal of the 37th Ricardo Quaresma minutes said. Besiktas will play this match in Ukraine Şubat'ya revenge 24.


Besiktas coach, Bernd Schuster, FC match between the circuit with Abraham suffer in the event within the game reserve soyundurdu Ibrahim Toraman Dynamo Kiev. The league's Super League and Turkey in the second half Sport Toto Cup match played in 7 from the field in the first 11 Ibrahim Toraman, after a long break was in tow.

German technical man, Ibrahim Toraman in the heart of the defense instead of Matteo Ferrari recognized the chance. Rapid Vienna 15 December 2010 is the most recent match, playing in the first 11 Ferrari, so the nine official formasına gained after the match.

Almeida Club, BOBO 11

Schuster, forvetteki Bobo'dan preference using the Almeida since left the reserve. Black-beyazlılarda defending the right of the Hilbert Hub Sivok and Ferrari, Ismail played in left. Aurelio'yu front liberoda commissioned Ernst and the German coach, Guti, Quaresma and Nobre'yi sent shock waves in the middle area. Besiktas bench Rustu, Ekrem, Necip, Ibrahim Toraman, Honor, Almeida, and Esther sat down. On the other hand, Besiktas, Dinamo Kiev in the face of the status of the field playing in the Turkish 2 Turkish soccer player than Aurelio and Nobre output. Black-and-whites, except the goalkeeper Hakan and Ismail took part in the field stranger 9.


Representatives began to face Besiktas printed, especially in crowded central area of Kiev with a goal by keeping loaded wing organizations. Goals in the first minutes of the match by finding a black-and-white team who want to relax in the middle of banana Quaresma'nın showed you 3 minutes - Bobo left fabulous head to the back pole very close to goal, but it did not happen. By agreeing to the field of their own half trying to pull on the Beşiktaş game in Kiev, Shevchenko and Yarmolenko Hakan Arikan to preserve the castle as fast attacking players wanted to undertake.

Played football in a tactical battle in the form of a very full part of the first 20 minutes if necessary to evaluate in terms of Besiktas, black-and-white representative of a lack of productivity can easily say that performs. The ball having a lot of competitors, which narrowed the field well, attract more attention to football and willing to pass the Besiktas district of attack in the Guti, Quaresma and Bobo trio was forced to exceed the strict Kiec line of defense. Besiktas shortage affecting the position Kiev 'defensive philosophy' Ismail Köybaşı up and played a major role in the ineffectiveness of Hibert'in attack variations.

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