15 Şubat 2011 Salı


Speaking at a press conference after the 2-0 defeat Kayserispor'u Fenerbahçe's young player of the match Hurmacı Ozer, said they knew would be difficult to match,''a takımdı Kayserispor only 3 points behind us. One of the best teams in organized ball playing in the league. Goals from the beginning, comforted us. Then we played good football from time to time, from time to time have accepted their sahamızda game. But a good fight throughout the match had Fenerbaçe. 5 5 did. God willing, will continue to do so. I believe that as long as we have to fight every match well kazanacağımıza''he said. Ozer, 11, about 7 months after the first pitch came in a match in Kadikoy Recalling,''I've been waiting to play. I prepared myself in the head. Today performansımdan satisfied. It was nice to play in front of fans. When you play the match progresses to the next level I believe çıkacağıma''a phrase. Besiktas and 22 Will Do week, pointing to decisions will be difficult to fight against Fenerbahce football players,''the first half, we had a 1-1 draw. I hope you 'll win BJK Inonu Stadium. Kapasitedeyiz to succeed in this. Some things that started off as a believer. I hope this site reflect the Besiktas match,''he said.

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