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family holidays in barcelona in spain

Barcelona, Spain
Covering the Iberian Peninsula, Spain is a European state in four of five. East and northeast of the Mediterranean, north, northwest and southwest Atlantic Ocean, northeast of the Republic of France and Andoro, located west of Portugal. Mediterranean Balearic, Canary Islands Spain, belongs to the Atlantic Ocean.

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The capital of the autonomous region of Catalonia. Also
Catalonia, an autonomous region in northeastern Spain. This region is called the Catalan people.
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Gaudi led the modern part of the current 1900 grid plan from the very good attention. Common language
# Antoni Gaudí-- Spanish architect

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Position of the Catalan capital Barcelona region, history, art, architecture, entertainment and an unforgettable city

Barcelona, Spain, older than history is interesting. Family was founded by a Catalan nobleman 9.Yüzyılda
The construction of the Sagrada Familia Church, the symbol of the city began in 1882, architect Villar. One year after being taken over by the architect Antonio Gaudi. Gaudi's life, but it was enough to complete the front of the church. The famous example of Gothic style church, still to tamamlanamadığı 'Endless Kilise'olarakta ride.
Whatever the length of Istiklal Street in Istanbul, Barcelona, La Ramblas, he is approaching 2 km. Cafes, museums, shopping malls, street musicians and acrobats and a very lively street. Here, almost no chance of boredom.

One of the most vibrant places in the Mediterranean port of this city that marked the Barcelona Harbour. This year the port more than 700,000 suffered by the ship said. One of the main roads to the port you will take the statue of famous explorer Christopher Columbus.
Or Valensiyaca Catalan, a language of Indo-European branch of Romance Languages. Is the official language in some parts of Spain and Andorra'da.
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Picasso lived in Barcelona in the years 1985-1900 and in 1900 Picasso left Barcelona in 1901, returning again in Barcelona until 1904 lived in and created a product called Blue Period, but after the year 1904 in France France in yerleşmiştir.1973 ölmüştür.Museo Picasso, Picasso in 1981, his wife also donated his work to the current state of the ceramic artist almıştır.Ünlü 2.500 more than in the city, especially eserinibu Museo Picasso is possible to see that.
Barcelona not to mention talking about the bull wrestling. City Square, at the Catalans and the arena is a place of interest for tourists. you can watch a large number of night clubs yapamasanızda flamenco dance. In fact, I mean fun to say Barcelona. Possible to find places all over the city eğlenebilecek.

Foods that are close to the Mediterranean cuisine, the Turks will not have any foreign. Olive Oil food delicious and mild. Barcelona does not come from eating fish. Tapas, olive oil, cheese, potatoes, ham, sausage, fish and vegetables, prepared entrees with a salad and a traditional type. potato with scrambled eggs' taste tortilla'yıda recommended.


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