20 Kasım 2010 Cumartesi


Series aims to make a major breakthrough with the new baby room Strawberry Youth Room Baby and Child Expo exhibit booth colorful products, families, Strawberry Young Chamber will be introduced to new products for babies prepared with different characteristics from each other.

Aimed at making a difference in every sense, the importance given to the design that determines the lifestyle of children and young people in different karakterlerdeki Strawberry Young Chamber, a new classic in the field of trade, Happy Baby, Princess and Prince series exhibit.
New products with different features from each other? 0 handmade, all-natural, organic furniture featuring the "Classic" series will see a great interest by parents.desain interior rumah minimalis is good for çilek.

Strawberry Youth Room at the fair next to the new baby products are also used by boys for years, with appreciation, "Race" series, and does not change the favorite Barbie girls between 3-12 years of the new design, the "Barbie Dream House" series will be exhibited as well.

Stylish and cozy atmosphere with Strawberry Youth Room, with modular options that come forward. One of the most important features of the new series of dolls, grow, especially bed system offers the benefits of different alternatives to the user.

Strawberry Young Chamber of Industry with a respected brand in Turkey, "the Bavarian State Society" as a result of tests done to all of our products have GS certificate is awarded with one furniture brand.

Customer-focused approach, to ensure our future contributions to the healthy development of children and young people to design products and Turkish designs in the world who have chosen to move its target Strawberry Young Chamber, Turkey has a total of 93 concept stores. Different understanding of retailing, with 22 concept stores abroad in 12 different countries in the Strawberry Youth Room, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Germany, Dubai, Azerbaijan, Malta, Iran, South Korea, Australia, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria and Egypt is located. Total covered area of 23,000 m2 of factory operating in a specially designed and manufactured high-level technology standards Strawberry Youth Room products 5-year warranty that has real, all the world, 1 million more than the child and young person's room is located.

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